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Anna Shilonosova is a London-based photographer and a multidisciplinary artist primarily working with analogue and digital photography.

Anna has extensive experience working in studio setting as well as
in the field. Currently her main professional focus is on object photography, including high resolution jewellery and museum exhibits photography,
and environmental portraits. Among the clients Anna is proud to have worked with are English Heritage, the Koppel Project and Cluster Jewellery project. She also does sports photography and documents performances
and exhibitions.

As an artist, Anna is interested in exploring a person's perception
of their vulnerability, both mental and physical, especially in such trying periods of life as moving to other countries, reliving the generational trauma,
or exploring one's identity, be it their gender or their nationality.

Instability, uncertainty and at the same time inner silence are the features
of liminal spaces Anna is inherently drawn to, and this attention
to such places can be seen in almost still life like landscape photographs
that appear in the artist's projects.

Having been raised in the tumultuous last years of the Soviet Union
and subsequent Perestroika period Russia, Anna feels a strong urge
to search for locations where calmness offers space to be with your instability and find new strengths to lean on.



  • "Using Lighting Outside the Photostudio Setting": an online professional development course led by Dmitrii Lookianov, 2022

  • "More Than A Project": an online professional development course mentored by Yana Romanova and Maria Morina, 2022

  • Rodchenko Art School online, Margo Ovcharenko's course (2020-2022)

  • Igor Sakharov's course on object photography (2009)

  • St.-Petersburg State University, faculty of psychology,
    graduate degree (2006-2012)

Exhibitions and fairs:

  • Pushkin House Zine Fair, London, UK, 2022, 2023

  • The Glasgow Gallery of Photography: "Monochrome", "Movement", 2023

  • "Skochilenko: The Price of Freedom", The Koppel Station Project, London, UK (co-curator and project manager), 2023

  • Fruitmarket Book Fest, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2023

  • "Contact Sport": artist talk and installation,
    the Lord Nelson pub, London, UK, 2022

  • Ground Solyanka zine and book fair, Moscow, Russia, 2022

  • "17", Rodchenko Art School Online graduation exhibition,
    Pennlab gallery, Moscow, Russia, 2022

  • The Wrong Biennale: Abreast Pavilion, 2021

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