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1. What do you like best in running and what is your pet peeve?

My favourite thing in running is that I can be on my own for a period of time. I don’t need another person’s company when I’m running. There’s only me and the road ahead. There aren’t any particular running pet peeves I have. Well, maybe only when it’s really hot outside, and I have to go train :)

2. What would ideal running/racing conditions look like to you?

12 degrees Celcium, no wind and a bit of sun. Perfect for both regular runs and races.

3. What running dream do you have? If you had everything you needed, what would be the wildest, most impossible dream?

Now my biggest running dream is… run the Rzeznik 80-km race on June, 1. And if I think of a dream that’s hard to achieve, I would like to run a marathon on each of the continents :)

4. Tell about the toughest training you had. What was the outcome? And what was the most valuable takeaway?

One of the first times I went for a run was one of the hardest. I managed to do 2 km on my first training session, and I had to stop for a few times. I started running because my physiotherapist prescribed that activity. I had two hernias in my spine, I weighed 20 kilo more than I should and I just had an operation for brain tumor removal. Hence, those 2 km were a real challenge back then. My lungs hurt, my knees and thighs ached… I could barely walk after that run. But I did it! And although I couldn’t run any further, I decided not to call my wife and ask her to pick me up, I walked home on my own two feet. The most valuable lesson I learned on that day, is that I can overcome my weaknesses!

5. What body part would you name that would be the most important when it comes to running? What body part you're most thankful to?

Well, it’s legs and head that are the most important body parts for runners. Legs carry us forward, and we pray we don’t get any leg injuries. And the proper mindset helps us break our inner borders. Of these two, I’m most thankful to the latter: my brain makes sure I’m always working towards the better me each time I train.

6. Did you do sports when you were a child? Was running among the activities you were fond of? If not, why did you eventually decide to start running and when did that happen?

I played football, basketball, volleyball, had swimming practice and, of course, I went to athletics classes… But I never liked running. I remember that in 7th grade during the school sports competition I hated that 1 km run most of all. I started running only when my physiotherapist told me to do so. I had to lose 20 kilos so I could work on my body further. I was 37-38 years old at that time.

7. What do you feel when you're at the start line and when you've just crossed the finish line? What is essential for you to have when you're about to run a race and what do you usually do after you've run it?

I’m always stressed out before the start. Even when I think I’m not really nervous, my body demonstrates the opposite. As for the finish line, I always feel euphoric, even though I’m exhausted. When I’m not satisfied with the result, I’m angry, because I feel like I didn’t give it all. After the race I rush home, to my wife and kids.

8. Was there something that changed in your views on running since you started?

I fell in love with running. I didn’t see much sense in this sport before, didn’t have a goal. But now I’m simply not able to quit, and I love running races. For me participating in such an event is mainly a good way to check my abilities.

9. What goal that you set to achieve in the beginning of your running journey now seems to be something that's too ambitious or maybe even impossible to do?

I believe you can achieve any goal you set. I prefer not to set ones that are too hard at the moment. When I started running, my first wish was to run a half marathon. After that I decided to run a marathon, and I managed to do it as well. Now my goals are: 10 km within 39 mins 59 sec, half marathon within 1 hr 29 mins 59 sec… and I’m getting closer and closer to that.

10. What goal do you have now?

In June I want to run the Rzeznik race. And in October I plan to try and finish the Cracovian half faster than 1 hr 30 mins. If I manage to do this… I will know for sure, that it’s time to come up with something more ambitious.

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