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1. What do you like best in running and what is your pet peeve?

I guess my favourite thing in running is that I don’t have to travel home after the training session. 

As for the main disadvantage, for me it’s when the weather is horrible and I have either to cancel my run or choose to train in heavy

rain, harsh wind, etc.

2. What would ideal running/racing conditions look like to you?

13-15 degrees Celcius, no wind, no sun, no rain.


3. What running dream do you have? If you had everything you needed, what would be the wildest, most impossible dream?

Complete a half-marathon within 2 hours. Of impossible dreams: have longer legs.

4. Tell about the toughest training you had. What was the outcome? And what was the most valuable takeaway?

It definitely was an interval session after a 2 km run one year ago. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it through the whole set, but, surprisingly, I managed to complete the exercise, and later felt that running became easier (I think it’s because after those sprints my body became convinced I had plans to kill it off anyway).

5. What body part would you name that would be the most important when it comes to running? What body part you're most thankful to?

For me it’s heart and lungs, because I always have a problem stabilizing my pulse and keeping it at the preferred pace.

6. Did you do sports when you were a child? Was running among the activities you were fond of? If not, why did you eventually decide to start running and when did that happen?

I never did sports as a kid and all my life I tried to avoid running whenever I could.

7. What do you feel when you're at the start line and when you've just crossed the finish line? What is essential for you to have when you're about to run a race and what do you usually do after you've run it?

I’m super nervous before the start; after the finish I’m just drained. It’s important for me to run along the people who maintain relatively the same pace. After the race there's nothing special I do.

8. Was there something that changed in your views on running since you started?

Now I recommend running to everyone, I’m a member of the running cult :)

9. What goal that you set to achieve in the beginning of your running journey now seems to be something that's too ambitious or maybe even impossible to do?

I had no particular goal.

10. What goal do you have now?

Run faster than elderly people.

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